Its 2010, its time for me to do it again. Over the past four years I have had the privilege of serving the Constituents of Oneida County as their Oneida County Clerk. Over the 4 years its has proved to be very challenging, with two tensive moments, with two separate governors. One governor brought me and the County of Oneida into the national lime light. Former Governor Eliot Spitzer wanted to give illegal aliens driver licenses, a document which is most secure in the State of New York. A policy, as your County Clerk I was very much against, and as a result it led to national media attention through the national papers, such as The New York Times and New York Daily News. Also the major networks NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox News Network and earned me a spot on the Lou Dobbs Show. The second governor, Governor Paterson, wanted to charge every New Yorker for new license plates to balance the budget and to create a new income. My colleagues and I were vehemently against this and again we brought statewide attention to a policy that didnít make sense, and again we made yet another governor rethink his policy.

During this 4 years I have been able to work with the county legislators and county executive to bring new service throughout the four corners of Oneida County.  I have been able to open four satellite offices, along with our two main DMV offices to better serve the constituents of Oneida County, one in Sherrill, one in Camden, one in Boonville, and one in Bridgewater.  Along with these offices I have also been able to increase service to the taxpayers of Oneida County by extending DMV services on Thursday nights.  Along with these offices I have attached passport services and have representatives from my passport office available to help ease the burden for the constituents of Oneida County.  This has all been beneficial in saving taxpayer time and money and also very lucrative for the County of Oneida, increasing revenues for Oneida County.

As many of you know the last four years have been some trying economical times for not only the county, but all the governments, city, town, state and federal.  Times which have led to many governments having to increase taxes and decreased revenues.  In the Office of Oneida County Clerk, passport and neutralization, and DMV I have been quite fortunate to go against these trends.  I have not only been able to live within my budgets, maintaining the high level of service and increasing services, I’ve also been able to increase revenues to both the Clerk’s Office and the DMV, something which other clerk’s have been unable to do.  I’ve been able to maintain this without selling your records, without giving out your personal information, and protecting your records as a clerk should. 

Today I stand in front of you to ask once again for your support, to continue with the services that I have initiated in my administration.  I would also like to thank my staff, many of which were hand picked under my administration, for their services in the past four years.  I would like to ask them today to continue what we started and to continue to work for our constituents. Before coming into office, and before becoming Oneida County Clerk, I said I had 26 years experience, and I said that experience counts, today as your clerk I say that experience shows and the work that I and my staff have done shows.  I thank everyone for coming and I sincerely look forward to serving Oneida County and its constituents in the future.  Its 2010, and lets do it again.  Thank You.

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